We know, we're working on one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Trading in Oil & Gas

Trading is the core of our business. Trading is the road through which we share and receive market information, in order to maintain the balance and flow of our liquidity and forge lasting, rewarding relationships with customers all over the world. We dealing on the “middle market” consumers of commodities, but we are focused to a constant upward growth thanks to the choice of reliable partners and highly successful in the physical market.

Services in Oil & Gas

Strategic Alliances, International Trading, Brokered Market, Planned Distribution and Logistic Department.

Builders for Golf Courses and Football Fields

“We only design great golf courses and football fields.” That is the our goal when designing any golf and football project. "To produce a sporting experience where all levels of golfers and footballers yearn to repeat it over and over.” We as Golf Course Architects, then we have created not only fabulous courses and fields but also an “all-win” situation for our clients.
We approach all golf and football projects as nature as our ultimate guide. Designing with nature we produce some of the most beautiful and memorable golf courses and football fields ever. Within each golf course and football fields is challenge, fun, intrigue, and endless variety to obtain the optimum sporting grounds with the available resources. With our detailed and precise golf and football design plans and specifications, and proper construction supervision,we exceed everyone´s expectations involved in any golf course and football fields development, and always within budget.

Design and Production for Food and Beverage Processing Equipment

We are partner and within an italian manufacturer consortium for the territory of the Russian Federation, including former Soviet Union countries, projects and produces high quality spare parts, equipments, machines for the segments of food processing equipment, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beer industries, beverage processing equipment, packing industrial process and pelleting lines, complete installations that include the pelleting process for animal feed.
"Made in Italy", a region in which mozzarella and pasta-filata cheeses are tradition and history, and where industries for production of tomato extracts and preserved food were born more than one century ago. In this context, human resources with long and deep experience in design, production, commissioning, start-up and service of complete plants are easily available.

Invest In Oil Market

We welcome the opportunity to begin a dialogue with entrepreneurs, operators, corporate executives and other professional investors who seek experienced partners who share their vision to drive long-term outsized investment returns.

Intelligence Division & Due Diligence Services

The analysis we provide helps our clients to assess critical information concerning the track record, reputation and associations of prospective or current customers, business partners, and/or other third parties.